Welcome to White Mirage, Portal to the World of Art. This site was previously a desktop accessories site; now, it host my digital and pencil artworks, which includes wallpapers. I hope you enjoy yourselfs here, and check back occasionally for new work posted, and please sign the guestbook to leave your comments!

** November 21, 2005 **

I guess I broke my promise to continually update the site. University simply does not allow much free time, and I haven't made a wallpaper or done any sort of artistic work in a long time. This update is just me browsing through my old things, stumbling upon a wallpaper I have yet to post. So here's Chobits, perhaps one of the last wallpapers I will post. To be honestly, I haven't even opened up Photoshop in more than a year aside from adjusting photos. I honestly want to continue making wallpapers, especially after looking through my old stuff here. But it doesn't look like I will have time.

However, thanks to everyone for the support. I am pleasantly surprised to see that this site still generates a few hundred visitors a month even with no updates at all, which is nice to see. Hmmm, there is a chance I may still update this site, though probably not in the form of wallpapers, maybe posting photos? I'm not sure yet, but this site won't disappear, I guarantee.

PS. I guess alot of my affiliates have disappeared...I'll get rid of that space once I have time.


** August 26, 2004 **

Wow, I can't believe I haven't updated this site for so long. I haven't exactly been able to have free time to make my own wallpapers/artworks in between school, graduation, other wallpapers "gigs", etc. I don't think I will be able to make too many of my own wallpapers since I'll be starting school again, and I have piles of requests I have to fill for my other hockey wallpapers site. But, anyways, here I present to you my latest concept wallpaper, Fiery, which looks more like a comet... or something of that type.

And I am actually quite surprised at how many people still visit this site daily, I would think that people would stop visiting with the lack of updates... Thanks for all the support! It's nice to know that people still care enough to visit once in a while. I'm going to try my hardest to keep adding new things. Some more anime wallpaper will be nice, I haven't made one in a long time.


** October 6, 2003 **

I finally find time to draw things that I like, and this drawing, Lady Elf, is based on the elves from the Tolkien world. This drawing is not scanned, but taken a picture by a digital camera, so the quality is a little iffy. And I tinted this drawing on Photoshop to create a nicer enviroment, livelier than the black and white drawing.


** September 6, 2003 **

Back to wallpaper we go, and this month I present a The Lord of the Rings wallpaper featuring Legolas the elf from the movie. I've been watching alot of LOTR lately and I'm really obsessed with it, so I decided to make a wallpaper out of it. I will probably also make an Aragorn one later on. The font on this wall is all in Elvish, and it says "Legolas, the Prince of Mirkwood" in case anyone wants to know. Enjoy this one!