About White Mirage
White Mirage, which was inspired by snowfall, is an updated site of Skinworld, which started in May of 2000. White Mirage itself started in March 2001. The reason I changed the name is because I don't want to do JUST a skins site anymore; I wanted to add wallpapers, or maybe later, icons and cursors too. Now, I've changed the whole concept of White Mirage as a desktop site into just a personal site to display my works.

About Me
I'm Iris, as most of you probably know, founder, owner, maintainer...etc. of White Mirage and Skinworld. I started making skins near the start of 2000 because I was obssessed with anime and decided to put my work on net. Then around spring of 2001, I started making wallpapers, since I have Photoshop sitting around in hard drive and not getting much use. My obsessions are hockey (me living in Canada and all), movies, music, and walling.

Contact Me
If you want to compliment this site (I hope you do, =D), you can leave a message at the guestbook, which is what I prefer. If you want to ask me any questions or want me to link your site, please email me about it, and please do title your emails, I usually delete anything that doesn't have a subject title.

This is the latest layout, which will probably stick around for quite some time. I'm trying to make navigation more simple and condensed, so there are less links to different sections and this one is more graphic-orientated. The previous layout (which was the third) has three versions, the last was featuring the famous Chi from Chobits by CLAMP, and second other version featured character from Shirow Masamune, and the first version was Love Hina. The second layout was a dark framed one featuring a character from Saiyuki. The first layout was also a dark layout featuring a character from Magna Carta.

Privacy Policy
I will not use any e-mail addresses I acquire through any means as any kinds of commercial purpose, and I will also not publish any private personal information that I got through e-mail.

Copyright Notice
I claim no ownership over any copyrighted images; they are copyrighted by their respective copyright holders. I apologize that I cannot list down all various owners. However, I do claim ownership of all artworks and backgrounds made by me, for the fact that I put them together and added my own style in it. This site's layout, custom images, and various scripts are also owned by me.